Light luxury

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Light and decoration style furniture New Chinese style furniture



Light luxury furniture: "light" represents an elegant attitude, low-key, comfortable, but no loss of nobility and elegance. "Luxury" refers to luxury, but luxury is not a dazling luxury, but a life attitude to house hold taste . Light luxury furniture pays attention to product details and quality, and pursues perfection in material, design and even culture.


輕奢風家具:“輕”代表的是一種優雅態度,低調,舒適,卻無損高貴與雅致。 “奢”指的是奢華,但奢華并非琳瑯滿目的奢侈品,而是一種對家居品味的生活態度。輕奢家具注重產品細節與品質,追求材質、文化上的極致。

Light luxury furniture is a kind of quality furniture between luxurious furniture and fast fashion furniture, both high-end positioning and quality, and more affordable price. It is more stylish than fast furniture character has class, than luxurious furniture saves money to have connotation.


Light And Decoration Style

Marble and metal are important expressions of luxury. Leather is likewise the important material that light and luxurious, often behave in sofa, tea table, or soft outfit holds a pillow to wait.


Light luxury bedding


For the pursuit of quality of life of people, the simple sense of home, not with a lot of trivial things piled up, the everything at home is through careful thinking of, cloakroom is an important indicator of quality of life, it contains various of life.


Light luxury bedding

The colour that gorgeous mix build more accord with new rich gens.



In the light luxury furniture, the unique shape design and exquisite material selection are often combined to create a wealth and status on the exquisite feast of life for customers.